Vrtta conceptualized and crafted lighting products for the VP's office in the Hindustan Unilever R&D Center, Bangalore.The space had undergone remodeling, to incorporate sustainable materials and energy-saving practices.  


The lighting was designed to elegantly complement the predominantly natural-finish interiors.

Linear Lamps

The combination of recycled tetrapak board (Tectan) and reclaimed wood was used to construct a powerful yet relaxed lighting ambience for the work tables.  

Drop Light

Corrugated cardboard was overlaid with wrappers from HUL products, to create a one-of a kind art lamp, and tie it together with the brand.



Vrtta worked with sustainability-focused MJC Architects to repurpose the bits of material leftover from a home interior project. These materials were transformed into utilitarian products for the same space. 

Multipurpose Bins

These bins were made from plywood and laminates. The alternating sides were painted and laminated to create an illusion.


Umbrella Holder

This sturdy piece was created from plywood and laminate. The inside was painted to repel water.

Multipurpose Nesting Trays

This set of nesting trays were made from reclaimed wood, veneer and plywood.

Key Closet

This compact key closet has a plywood base, and the door is collaged using laminate sample swatch bits.